MAP International

MAP is a charity that’s working hard at getting much-needed medical gear to areas of Africa affected by the Ebola outbreak. Medical personell are now dying of the virus because they don’t have the safety gear they need. 

Meanwhile, the potato salad kickstarter has hit $50,000. People have weird priorities. 

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Mellow Johnny’s. #onehourphoto (at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop)

“Do not whine… Do not complain. Work harder. Spend more time alone.”
— Joan Didion, Blue Nights (via heidisaman)

More dinnertime photos with #onehourphoto #latergram

One Hour With “One Hour Photo”

Take away my fancy camera. ‘One Hour With “One Hour Photo”’

Photo Jul 22, 9 53 24 PM Photo Jul 22, 9 53 32 PM

One Hour Photo” is a new photography app for iPhone. The idea is simple (and I must admit I scoffed at it at first): You take pictures with the app, which has virtually no settings at all (it’s very much like shooting with a disposable camera or something). The screen turns white for a split-second. Then a timer starts at the bottom of the app, and the viewfinder reappears. The photos show…

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So #oneHourPhoto might be my new favorite thing. Take a photo, wait an hour, photo shows up in your camera roll with a dreamy b/w filter. It takes away my usual perfectionism and attention to detail and makes me take photos of moments and let them pass. Very zen.

The cake is stale, but the view is a nice. (at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters)

I moved my computer desk into the bedroom. You might say the light is better.


Beverage logic

Hyde Park Theater, 3am (at Hyde Park Theatre)