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Manuals Design & Identity librarianhelen:

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"aesthetic" is a very good word, important word. "i love the fifties." no you don’t the fifties kinda TOTALLY SUCKED for many human beings in America. "i love fifties aesthetic" well then, awesome. go you with your bright blocks of color and cute skirts and mini jackets and hair poufs. 

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A little tiny #tbt to last week when I had the pleasure of spending the day with @laurenbzuniga. She’s one of my favorite humans, and someone who truly inspires me (and I don’t use that term lightly). (at The Mule)

The day I die will be a Saturday or a Tuesday, maybe.
A day with a weather forecast,
a high and a low. There will be news:
a scandal, a disaster, some good
deed. The mail will come. People
will walk their dogs.

The day I die will be a certain
day, a square on a calendar page
to be flipped up and pinned
at the end of the month. It may be August
or November; school will be out or in;
somebody will have to catch a plane.

There will be messages, bills to pay,
things left undone. It will be a day
like today, or tomorrow—a date
I might note with a reminder, an appointment,
or nothing at all. - The Day I Die
by Krista Lukas

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First time at Red Cup. I’m in love. (at The Red Cup)


New card collaboration with @saplingpress . Send one to someone you #care about!

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