Dinner. (at Bacon)

My view at dinner tonight.

Monochrome meow.



the glorification of kurt cobain and demonization of courtney love is so discouraging but a reminder that if you’re a man and you’re an abrasive, provocative, drug-addled musician then you’re the voice of a generation but if you’re all of those things and a woman, you’re a junkie succubus

see also: amy winehouse

I saw a picture of Amy Winehouse today and I was literally thinking about that. Junkie rockstars are either tragic fallen heroes (Jim Morrison) or trashy sluts who can’t handle fame. Fuck that noise. 

Favorite lunch spot. #onehourphoto (at Counter Cafe)


i’m 100% ready for scarf wearing and pumpkin flavored shit

The sky was on fire. I probably swerved into traffic to take this photo. (at Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park)