I’m organizing, cataloging and archiving a decade’s worth of photos right now. It’s overwhelming but refreshing. It’s reminding me what I fell in love with so many years ago, playing with my parents’ camera as a kid.

This one’s from a trip to San Francisco from a couple of years ago.

Transamerica (by Michael J. Champlin)



Wander. Took the photo a few years back in Yosemite. 


Russian Hill, San Francisco. 2011.

Facebook suddenly has ennui. 

The Things I Know

I know that there is a profound beauty in uncertainty.

I also know it is generally very difficult to see in the moment (or many, many moments), but that does not deter my belief that it exists.

I like to think the time that we spend living on other peoples’ couches, sleeping in cheap hotel rooms and demanding to speak to whoever’s in charge at the post office because maybe they lost your passport (they didn’t) are some of the most important times of all.

I believe that having a few dollars in your pocket and no idea where the next few might come from is invigorating, much like jumping into a very cold body of water is invigorating; exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

I know that the moments, not the things we accumulate, are what really matter. That all the gifts a person could give you, all the souvenirs in the world can’t hold a candle to looking at someone you care about and seeing joy in their eyes. And simply being able to share that joy with them.

I believe that’s what makes life worth living.